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Case Location: Los Angeles, CA USA 


A global petroleum corporation needed to transport a valuable asset between two locations by truck with an overnight stop at a storage facility. The client wanted to thwart the potential for hijacking, theft, vandalism, or other criminal activity during transport.


Pinkerton attached a covert cellular-based GPS device to the asset and installed applications on two smartphones assigned to both Pinkerton agents handling the matter. The GPS signals were aggregated into a single Threat Monitor, providing the client and Pinkerton’s operations director continuous access to all three GPS signals in near real-time. Actionable intelligence (such as weather and traffic) was overlaid onto the Dashboard map to provide a robust situational awareness platform for both the agents on the ground and supervisory personnel.


All concerned parties were able to track the asset point-to-point in near real-time over the course of the two days and the client’s asset was successfully delivered without incident.