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Case Location: Boston, MA, USA


An international media company had an urgent need to verify the well-being of multiple employees during the terrorist bombing attack at the 2013 Boston Marathon.


Pinkerton Intelligence Analysts embedded within the media company identified and monitored relevant social and mass media, live and recorded video streams, still images, and other data feeds over the course of 16 hours. Analysts cross-referenced the open-source information with human intelligence sources from the Pinkerton VigilanceTM Network  and proprietary company directories to identify and locate the missing employees. Aggregated information was evaluated and provided in both written and verbal briefs to employees and company management. Threat Monitor Dashboards were used to proactively notify Pinkerton agents and clients for asset protection and security intelligence for personnel safety during the crisis situation.


All company employees at the bombing site were identified, located, and provided logistical support to ensure their safe return. Business continuity was maintained in the area of the attack.