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Pinkerton’s Global Risk Group (GRG) assembled threat monitor dashboards during the formation of Tropical Storm Karen offering clients in her path a central location to monitor the storm reducing the need to search for and monitor different content from a myriad of sources.  


Threat Monitor dashboards were developed mapping specific client locations and those locations of critical suppliers potentially impacted by the storm. The dashboards contained information on police, fire, medical and energy facilities, and such information as it became available from FEMA, NOAA, major news media, etc.A second dashboard was provided to gather news sources, links to official websites, and other such textual material (e.g., evacuation routes and/or shelter activations) that would otherwise need to be tracked down individually. 


Security Directors and Managers received advance warning of potential threats to their personnel and property and were able to proactively adjust protection assets and business operations and make informed decisions on the fly.