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Case Location: Shantou, Guangdong Province, People’s Republic of China


A company in China was suspected of producing a popular and widely-used toy figurine with packaging bearing a counterfeit trademark.  The packaging had been stored in a different location from the finished toy figures (a very common practice of experienced counterfeiters). When packed for shipment, the toy figures and the packaging would be packed in separate cartons (i.e. the toy figures would not be packed with the packaging). To prove wrongdoing, the trademark owner had to catch the factory with the toy figurines and the packaging together before shipment. Pinkerton was called in to lead the investigation.


Utilizing its IP Protection expertise and access to a global network of resources, Pinkerton:

  • Closely monitored activities of the company.
  • Used an informant to help gather intelligence.
  • Coordinated with a local Chinese law enforcement agency to form a raiding team.


Pinkerton participated in the successful raid.  The factory was caught with the toy figures and packaging together – waiting to be shipped. More than 16, 000 toy figures were seized and taken off the market.