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Case Location: New York, USA


A large distribution center that supplies pharmacies, hospitals and doctors with prescribed and over-the-counter medications noticed a gradual, yet substantial, shrinkage in their inventory.

  • In a six month period, over half a million dollars of product had gone unaccounted.
  • The client suspected facility employees were responsible for the losses.


Pinkerton’s experience with performing undercover operations dates back to the Civil War. In this case, Pinkerton agents:

  • Placed three undercover operatives at the distribution center to monitor the situation.
  • Conducted numerous interviews.
  • Coordinated several surveillance operations.


Pinkerton identified 13 employees involved in the theft ring. Two arrests were made by the police department; the eleven remaining employees were terminated. To avoid future instances of theft, Pinkerton provided the client with recommendations to ensure tighter security and better inventory control.