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Case Location: Northeastern United States


Super Storm Sandy impacted a large geographical area in the northeast causing flooding, loss of structures, power outages and numerous other problems that affected a large number of our clients. One of those clients was a large retailer with numerous stores in the impacted area.


Prior to the event, Pinkerton worked with the clients Crisis Management team to determine which locations would most likely be impacted by the storm. Pinkerton also deployed agents to each of these locations to help prevent any looting or civil unrest that might occur. After the storm had passed, Pinkerton agents re-deployed to the locations and were able to conduct assessments of the damage and secure the facilities. Pinkerton Global Response Services project manager supervised the deployment of assets and worked hand in hand with the clients Crisis Management Team. Pinkerton was also able to provide the client with near real time intelligence from our network of assets in the field such as road closures, power outages, damage reports, area closures and locations of operational services. Threat Monitoring Dashboards used during the crisis were updated dynamically in near real-time and provided status updates of critical infrastructure as well as direction for obtaining resources necessary to mitigate and recover from the super storm’s affects. Once the facilities were re-opened, Pinkerton remained on site to provide a safe working environment.


Pinkerton was able to consult with the client prior to the event and develop an operational plan to secure locations once the event took place. Pinkerton was able to secure facilities and assess damage after the event and provide valuable intelligence to the client. The client was able to assess the situation at each facility and resume operations rapidly and in a safe environment.