Pinkerton provides reliable fire forensic services and reports for companies affected by a fire or combustion to aid criminal investigations. During fire investigation cases, when an individual or individuals intentionally set fire to a property or vehicle with an intent to cause damage, an expert team are called in to inspect the cause of the fire.

Innovative Fire Forensics & Investigations

Our experts at Pinkerton begin their inspection at the ground level of an event as this is where the fire begins. Signs such as enduring heat, depth of charring, flaking of cement and plaster, distorted plastic, metal or glass resulting from prolonged burning and damaged ceiling and structural damage, are all critical elements to understanding the circumstances of the fire.

Pinkerton offers the subsequent forensic analyses:

  • Forensic fire-raising crime scene investigation and study
  • Assessment, testing and reporting of physical evidence conquered from the scene
  • Offer comprehensive investigation of materials in fire and their input to the spread of blaze, level of smoke produced and risk to the public.
  • Stipulation of complete and comprehensible reports from one of our committed expert observers appropriate for compliance to court or for advance aid in any examination.