The phrase background check is often synonymous with pre-employment screening and is an imperative step before making a hiring decision. An employer may have prospective employees sign a consent form, allowing the employer to run a background check. Criminal records are by far the most common type of checks run, as employers seek to ensure that any actual criminal charges match up with what a candidate declared in their application.

All our employment screening services are fully compliant with global and regional laws.

Common reasons to request a background check:

  • An employer is looking to vet a prospective employee before sending them a job offer 
  • An employer is looking to vet a prospective employee who has already signed a job offer that is contingent on a passed background check 
  • An employer looking for a more thorough background check on an existing employee before offering them a promotion 
  • An employer is looking to run a credit report on an existing employee before assigning them financially sensitive duties 
  • An employer is looking to meet statutory compliance requirements for certain industries or jobs
  • To protect brand equity and corporate reputation from severe employee misconduct 

Our Background Check Services

An extensive screening can help protect your property and business from hundreds or even thousands of lost dollars from delinquencies or damages from known offenders. We will assist you in procuring the information needed to hire to those who are most qualified.

Listed below are some common checks we perform:

Check for verification of candidate’s previous employment records such as salary details, tenure of work, a designation with the previous organization, and validation of the existence of the last employer are the key elements of employment check.

This check includes authenticating the educational degrees from graduation onwards and all professional certifications of the applicant from the claimed university/institute/ college. Verification feedback will be obtained through authorized sources such as clerk/ registrar/ controller of examination/ dean/ HOD/ professor/ principal as per the official process and feedback will be obtained through e-mail/fax/telephone/online database as per the low of the land.

We verify subject’s residential address in terms of the tenure of living by conducting a physical visit/database searches/RTLS, as applicable by local compliance of the country. The same can be conducted for current, permanent, previous address, or all of these as requested.

Screen from the global databases is conducted to mitigate the risk such as Sanction & Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Bribery & Corruption, Financial Crime, Adverse Media Research, etc. We search various online databases pertaining to public records, watch list updates, business information services, credit checks, civil & criminal litigation, World Compliance, and International Screening Solutions as applicable by local compliance of the country.

Identity Check is must to have in your employment screening process to ensure your organization is protected, from the risk of hiring misidentified candidates. We do the verification & validation of the National ID submitted by the candidate including, but not limited to Passport Check (MRZ Code), PAN Card Check, UIDAI, SSN or NRIC Check as per the law of the land.

It is important to verify the truthfulness of the information provided by the candidate through Professional and Personal Reference Check. We obtain detailed feedback from the Referee about the candidate on Professional competence and characteristic traits through Professional and Personal reference check.

A safe and productive workforce begins with a drug-free workplace. We offer a comprehensive menu of substance abuse testing services for both regulated and non-regulated employers through our Global Channel Partners. We will work with you to customize your workplace drug testing program to meet your specific needs. Our services include breath alcohol tests, collection site management, instant drug tests, lab drugs tests and a medical review service.

We undertake a criminal record check in different countries wherever applicable by law. In some countries, Criminal checks are restricted by law and in some, it is done through database searches. Our verification process includes – Any criminal offence registered against the subject with the local police records or Court records search regarding litigation if any.

Credit Check reports are recommended for employees who may impact company finances. This necessarily includes all employees in accounting functions but may also include other employees such as those that are entrusted with a corporate credit or purchasing card. We verify the candidate’s credit information for which we require minimal Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to retrieve credit report and score of the candidate. Use of credit check for employment background evaluation purposes may be restricted in some states.

The following is the PII required by Credit Rating Agencies: (1) Consent in favour of Pinkerton and Credit Rating Agencies and (2) An ID check to verify before this is initiated

We verify the individual’s name and ID number through the latest bankruptcy database in different countries where it is applicable by law. Search provides information which includes such as case number, action date, etc. This information should only be used when applicable and in compliance with local, state and federal laws.

We do searches through various public and proprietary business databases to identify any officer or executive positions under the subject’s name that the subject has held or continue to hold. This information allows you to make the best decisions for your business.

We do validation and verification of the driving license submitted by the candidate, through authorities. We provide a report of the state driver’s license record of a subject. Availability and legal uses of the background screening reports vary as per the law of the land.

We verify the individual’s name and ID number through the latest bankruptcy and other financial records database available as per the country compliances. Search provides the information which includes such as case number, action date, etc. This information should only be used when applicable and in compliance with local, state and federal laws.

To ensure that your organization is not negatively affected by the fraudulent applicants it is important to include resume validation in your screening process. We do comparison of CV and information mentioned in Background Verification Form by the candidate and highlighting gaps if any between the two.

The basic version of social network search is a yes/No social presence search showing if there is negative information of the applicant. The search is 7 – Year scope for all publicly available web content. Results will include a “No Pertinent Information” hit, which simply means we did a full search on the subject (found pass information) and could not classify anything as being negative. Otherwise, if negative information is found, up to 5 items would be added to the report with a comprehensive write-up of the applicant’s online presence which will include a screen capture of negative information.