Natalie Archutowski is an experienced national security learning and development specialist who co-founded a professional development national security membership-based organization in Canada. She has extensive experience conducting needs analysis for national security agencies and leading teams that conduct skills audits and gap analysis assessments for intelligence and public safety agencies in several countries.

Natalie is a specialist in the training and delivery of structured analytic techniques. She has co-authored two academic textbooks for national security analysts and written chapters in intelligence analysis texts. Her research has resulted in intelligence models currently in use by several police forces around the world.

Natalie has an extensive network of professional relationships across multiple countries. In addition to joining Pinkerton in 2022, Natalie is on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Association for Security and Intelligence Studies Vancouver and is a reservist naval warfare officer with the Royal Canadian Navy. She previously served as the executive director of the Canadian Centre for Identity Based Conflict, and she led both the implementation and executive teams for the North American West Coast Security Conference for the past five years.

Career Highlights

  • Lead Instructor for workshops on Structured Analytical Techniques for representatives of 21 different law enforcement, security, and public safety agencies
  • Project Lead for “Predicting the Escalation to Violence of Online Hate Groups,” an algorithm-based sentiment analysis research project, which culminated in the publication of a training manual for youth educators and extremist counter-narrative train the trainer modules
  • Co-author of “Decoded: Understanding the Post-COVID-19 Security Landscape using Structured Models, Approaches, and Techniques” (2020)

Work Experience

Natalie has experience leading research, administrative, instructional, and event production teams. As a naval officer, she understands the importance of teamwork, problem-solving, discretion, and attention to detail even in times of stress, and she believes empowering team members is the best way to ensure goals are met.

Natalie also has strong public speaking, instructional delivery, and written communication skills. She is a published author and has contributed to the creation of Canadian-focused intelligence and analytical training programs and materials. She was also involved in the creation of new structured analytical models, approaches, and techniques, which use critical security theories to supplement current understandings of crime, violence, and terrorism and extremism.

Education & Training

  • BA Political Science, Simon Fraser University
  • Diplôme d’études en langue française – (DELF) B2
  • Military Methods of Instruction
  • Leadership and Command
  • Close Protection Officer
  • Close Protection counteraction team planning
  • Residential Risk Assessment Team
  • Risk Assessment Specialist Assessor


Leadership and management, critical thinking, stakeholder engagement, instructional delivery, multitasking skills, team building expertise, intelligence analysis, crisis management, communication, and comprehensive risk and threat assessment.


Canadian Association for Security and Intelligence Studies Vancouver (CASIS)


  • English
  • French
  • Polish (conversational)
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