As Director, Michele Ariano leads all of Pinkerton New York’s risk management service delivery. She leads teams that specialize in the core domains of investigations, executive protection, intellectual property, workplace violence, and emergency planning and response.

Career Highlights

Michele Ariano brings over 25 years’ experience in organizational security and resilience management across the public and private sectors, specializing in the application of highly skilled personnel, industry standards and best practices, and scalable processes and procedures, integrated technology, and comprehensive training and exercises to meet clients’ unique risk management needs.

Work Experience

Michele has expertise in business development and service delivery, with a focus on regulatory and compliance as well as pharma supply chain security and management. She designed, developed and implemented a network-wide quality assurance tracking system, and oversaw multiple information system implementations for a global life sciences and pharmaceutical company.

Education & Training

  • BA Education and training
  • Cyber security training


Overseas Security Advisory Counsel



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