Lisa Sellers has been in the background screening industry for over 30 years. She began her career working part-time for a small private investigation company. Her position evolved to becoming a licensed private investigator to include fingerprinting technician, interviewer, and surveillance. Ms. Sellers worked previously with another Consumer Reporting agency, where she managed a team of over fifty professionals in five locations (including abroad) overseeing the quality and compliance departments in each of the five offices. Her knowledge spans in many areas such as due diligence investigations, the screening industry, FCRA, employment background checks, drug testing, individualized assessments, talent management software services, consumer privacy laws, and fingerprinting. 


Lisa Sellers is the Director for Pinkerton Due Diligence & Screening Division since joining Pinkerton in 2011. She performs a wide variety of complex and confidential tasks, technical engagement, legal duties, and responsibilities. Ms. Sellers is responsible for monitoring all aspects of the Division by overseeing new initiatives for due diligence, processes & procedures, vendor management risk consulting, employment background screening, solution recommendations by industry and drug screening-testing services for both regulated and non-regulated clients. She works directly with clients, vendors, as well as many levels within organizations to ensure overall internal and external compliance within the due diligence & screening industry.



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