As a Pinkerton Director, Josh Colgan collaborates with business leaders and security experts to provide comprehensive risk management solutions in Arizona and San Diego, CA. He excels as a trusted risk advisor, cultivating strong relationships founded on trust and gaining a profound understanding of client's unique requirements. Drawing on his extensive knowledge of industry and market trends, Josh offers tailored solutions to effectively mitigate risks within an ever-changing threat landscape. 

Career Highlights

Throughout his career, Josh has showcased his strategic prowess by crafting comprehensive go-to-market strategies for numerous multi-million-dollar organizations. His keen business acumen and insightful approach enabled these companies to achieve remarkable success. In addition, Josh made a significant impact on the professional landscape by establishing and leading a highly prosperous executive recruitment agency. Josh also played a crucial role in the growth of an early-stage tech start-up, where he successfully scaled the company's annual recurring revenue from $20K to over $15M in less than three years.

Work Experience

Josh Colgan is a seasoned executive known for his hands-on approach. With a record spanning over a decade, he excels in building scalable operations and leading teams to achieve year-over-year growth across diverse sectors such as energy, healthcare, technology, critical infrastructure, legal services, and security, where he has successfully established and managed scalable revenue operations.

One of Josh's key strengths is driving market strategy in various business environments. Whether it involves product development, organizational change, or fostering innovation, his primary focus remains on empowering individuals to accomplish extraordinary feats.

Collaborating closely with C-suite executives, Josh has been instrumental in transforming sales cultures, overseeing strategic initiatives, and supporting growth strategies.

Notably, Josh possesses innate leadership qualities that enable him to facilitate market expansion. He is adept at articulating complex concepts to both C-suite executives and technical teams, making him an effective communicator across different levels of expertise.

Education & Training

Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and Marketing, Texas State University


  • Negotiation
  • Leadership
  • Problem-solving
  • Project management
  • Critical thinking
  • Conflict resolution
  • Operational scaling


  • ASIS International
  • ASIS San Diego chapter


  • English
  • Spanish (intermediate)
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