Joanna has over 20 years of well diversified business experience. Joanna has served as a Certified Internal Auditor, licensed Investigator, Compliance Officer and Project Coordinator in the public and private sector.

Career Highlights

  • Built a successful career delivering business risk management services on Eastern European markets
  • Conducting many investigative audits, among others in the automotive industry, air transport, machine manufacturing industry, waste industry and recycling industry
  • Combining passion with professionalism to serve clients

Work Experience

Joanna led and supervised numerous projects in risk management, control systems review, fraud investigations, as well as business process optimization towards perfecting mechanisms of operational risk management and mitigating its consequences. Joanna has vast experience in corporate investigations; including fraud, corruption and theft.

Education & Training

  • MS in Business Management at Gdansk University, Poland
  • Internal Auditing and Control at the Polish Academy of Science, Poland
  • Certified by the Resilient Leadership at the Resilience Sciences Institute UMBS at the University of Maryland
  • Approved Compliance Officer


Communication, problem-solving, teamwork and critical thinking.


The Institute of Internals Auditors (IIA)


English, German, Polish

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