David is the Director for Central and Southern Mexico. He has successfully developed in the professional arena on intelligence, security, geopolitics, international relations, analysis, negotiations, crisis management, conflict resolution, and institutional affairs within the public and private sectors. Previously, David was the Director for the Intelligence Division (PID) and Global Risk Group Operations Manager for LATAM at Pinkerton. 

Career Highlights

  • Development of the first Regional Intelligence Center in LATAM
  • Implementation of security programs for different International NGOs
  • Conducted investigation and data collection to produce actionable intelligence to satisfy Critical Intelligence Requests
  • Served as subject matter expert (SME) on LATAM
  • Responsible for mentoring all new employees on the PID for the production side
  • Supervised a team of 30 personnel in the production, publishing, and briefing of intelligence products daily
  • Planned and executed intelligence gathering operations in support of ongoing missions and requirements; provided clear accurate and timely situational analysis of the operational area
  • Developed and incorporated new approaches and methodologies while conducting detailed analysis to understand the current situation and predict probable courses of action
  • Coordinated and de-conflicted intelligence from multiple intelligence sources / agencies and information collection assets
  • Provided in depth analysis of capabilities and probable courses of action, identifying emerging and existing threats and vulnerabilities
  • Use specialized collection software, databases and tools to research, gather, and evaluate data
  • Gather intelligence information by field observations, confidential information, or public records to verify for accuracy and reliability

Work Experience

Among his previous positions, he has more than ten years of experience in the public and private sectors. He worked for the Mexican government in international divisions related to Security, Human Rights, Intelligence, and Public Policies. He also has been an advisor for the private sector in areas such as Risk Management, Mitigation strategies, and Asset protection.

Education and Training

  • Diploma – Economic Regulations – COFEMER
  • B. S – International Relations-UVM – Laureate
  • Public Safety – PEACE
  • Negotiating Skills – Laureate
  • Criminology – INACIPE
  • Administrative Law – Universidad del Pedregal
  • Transnational Organized Crime – INACIPE
  • Modus Operandi of Different Criminal Gangs – INACIPE


Project Management, Negotiation, Intelligence Community, Safety and Security, Special Task Forces, Intelligence Analysis, Human Intelligence Collections, Counterintelligence, Physical Security, International Security Operations, Business restructuring and reorganization.


  • OSAC


Spanish-native speaker, Fluent in English and Basic French

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