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Miami, FL, USA

Pinkerton’s Miami office is located in Downtown Miami. Our security professionals are the best in the business and specialize in:

About Bernardo Noronha

Bernardo Noronha’s 14 years working with and leading cross-functional, international teams in four different continents has taught him the importance of building trusting relationships and inspiring a shared project vision. With extensive experience managing large, complex projects across multiple functions and working under pressure in a multicultural setting, Bernardo also has a solid understanding of the sensitivity and objectivity needed to operate successfully in different environments. Before joining Pinkerton in 2019, Bernardo worked for a diverse range of organizations, including a rapid response team for natural disasters and civil war; small business startups; private sector, and non-profits.

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Bernardo Noronha | Director

Tel: + 1 786.423.2493
1221 Brickell Avenue
Suite 1420

Miami, FL


Pinkerton Headquarters

101 N. Main Street, Suite 300
Ann Arbor, MI 48104