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Las Vegas, NV, USA

Located in North Las Vegas, our Las Vegas, Nevada office specializes in protection. From special event security management to residential protection, the Las Vegas office has many years of experience providing tailored services and expertise to clients in a variety of industries. (NV LIC# 1029)

About Alexander Trafton

Alexander Trafton comes from an international security and risk management background. He began his career in Israel where he worked as a consultant and instructor for counter-terrorism units. He spent several years working in executive protection in the United States, where he managed security and logistics for several high profile celebrities. Most recently he has worked for an Australian risk management firm specializing in non-permissive and hostile environment security and risk management. He has substantial experience in Latin America and the Middle East. He worked extensively with media clients covering drug and people smuggling along the U.S./Mexico border. He has a B.A. from U.C. Berkeley in Middle Eastern Studies where he studied Arabic. He has been a professional athlete in two sports, competing both in baseball and boxing.

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Alexander Trafton | Director

Tel: +1 619.349.2462
4357 Corporate Center Drive
Suite 430

Las Vegas, NV 89031


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