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Which solution is right for you?

We offer both PDF reports and an interactive dashboard experience. PDF reports are better suited for small to medium scale organizations with set locations, while the dashboard will better serve medium to large organizations with numerous or variable locations.

PDF Reports
Predictive frequency what's this? Annual Monthly
Dynamic updates what's this? No Yes
Crime Index Score by crime type sample Yes Yes
Trend history Annual points sample Rolling trend line sample
Delta analysis sample State level only County and state level
Crime type county map sample Yes Yes
Peer comparison sample No Yes
Neighborhood level downscale map sample Yes Yes
Seasonality variance sample No Yes
Sample Standard Sample Platinum
Predictive frequency what's this? Monthly
Dynamic updates what's this? Yes
Crime type Itemization sample Yes
Export data to Excel sample Yes
County trend history sample Rolling trend line
Peer and national comparison sample Yes
Interactive mapping to street level sample Yes
Customized dynamic county comparison Yes
Delta analysis sample Yes
Show locations on map with address scoring sample Yes
Location percentile rank sample Yes

* High image fidelity in actual dashboard.

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