In uncertain times like these, it can be difficult to identify the extent and impact a global pandemic can have on an organization.

From small to large organizations, the immediate effects and long-term impact from COVID-19 will vary across the board. However, there are underlying commonalities of risk and preparation for every company, such as employee morale, health, ability to work, and economic impact.

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As the pandemic evolves, companies like yours will consider new crisis management processes, procedures, and policies to adapt and best position their organizations. Many are seeing the consequences of the pandemic through crime and supply chain disruptions, prompting them into action. Additionally, some are responding to the emerging needs of implementing a crisis plan, adapting plans to protect critical assets from emerging threats, or leveraging time to mature their established crisis management plans.

So how does an organization like yours ensure business continuity, recovery, and resilience? We’ve shared some best practices below on what you can do if you don’t have a plan in place, or how to adapt your current crisis plan if there are gaps. Learn how you can protect your people and assets during this challenging time.

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Potential Risks to Your Company

Our comprehensive understanding of risk enables us to expertly assess what the COVID-19 crisis means for your organization. Since risk is interconnected, focusing on only one component, without understanding the connectivity, can lead to unintended consequences.

No two organizations are the same, so it is critical to examine all aspects of risk in order to implement a plan which effectively reflects your risk landscape.

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Pinkerton Risk Wheel
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Challenges and Solutions

Whether you are responding to current events, adapting to the new normal, or planning to prevent future business loss, we can assist you now, or as the needs arise during restoration of your business operations.

  • Now is when your organization is hurting the most. Learn about common challenges during this time and how we can help.


    • Revenue loss and liquidity access
    • Unsecured assets and property
    • Workforce reduction
    • Securing valuable goods in transport or at location
    • Greater demand for experienced, qualified intelligence and emergency response staff
    • Accurate and timely information to streamline decision making
    • Upsurge in counterfeit goods

    How We Can Help

    • Developing and implementing crisis management programs
    • Providing security response globally and at short notice
    • Providing accurate, timely and reliable risk intelligence
    • Supplying temporary personnel to fill client gaps
    • Providing investigative and due diligence support
  • Once you've put out the fires, it's time to plan next steps for your organization.


    • New and changing workplace safety and security regulations​
    • Changing restrictions on travel​
    • New lockdowns and quarantines​
    • Reconfiguring supply chains​
    • Re-staffing of key roles​
    • Further layoffs​
    • Rebuilding brand integrity​

    How We Can Help

    • Optimizing security resource allocation to comply with future requirements​
    • Enhancing travel security programs​
    • Improving response to repeat crisis​
    • Protecting assets and property
    • Developing and implementing new procedures for re-entry to workplace​
  • If you haven't already examined your crisis and emergency plans, focus on common organizational priorities.


    • Review and improve emergency and crisis preparedness and response plans​​
    • Meet new regulatory requirements​​
    • New duty of care and people safety requirements​
    • Supplier and distributor network diversifications
    • Showcasing excellence in crisis management to stakeholders​​

    How We Can Help

    • Reviewing and benchmarking existing crisis and emergency plans​
    • Implementing and enhancing risk management and security programs
    • Reviewing and auditing the resilience of key suppliers​​
    • Preparing a resilient workforce​

Pinkerton Services:

  • Risk Advisory — Crisis management, emergency response planning and risk auditing

  • Security Risk Management and Training — Adapting to and/or implementing workplace security and safety regulations

  • Protection — Protecting people and physical assets

  • Intelligence — Strategic reports, alerting tools, and customized solutions

  • Investigations — Field investigations and evidence management, due diligence of 3rd parties, brand and intellectual property protection

  • Response — Deployment of agents to protect assets and verify status

End to End Services Pyramid

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For 170 years, Pinkerton has worked tirelessly to protect and create value for companies we work with. In this difficult time, we are committed to serving you.

Whether you need to take immediate action or are ready to tackle the next stages of pandemic planning, we are here for you.

For more information and details about our tailored COVID-19 solutions, send us a message using the form below.

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